Book Review: The Stupid Somebody

An emotional rollercoaster tale of love, life and conquering world.

Author: Rohit Dawesar

About the Author: Rohit Dawesar is an author from Indore who is well-known for the nano-tales and short stories that he posts on his website and social media platforms. The Stupid SOMEBODY is his debut book. He is also the co-founder and Director of a food chain named The Urban Gumti (Pumpkin Foodworks Pvt. Ltd.), co-founder, ex-Director at Entrepreneurs Consulting Pvt. Ltd. and owner of X World Engineering and MBA Coaching Institute. Rohit conducts motivational sessions to add value to our society.

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Blurb: “My d-d-dream! Umm, my dream is… That one day, I will be standing outside an auditorium, a packed house a-a-a-auditorium. People there would be waiting to hear me speak. They would be chanting my name. We love R-R-R-Rohit, We love Rohit,” he said, looking into her mesmerizing eyes.

After seventeen years, Sherly was standing in his house, holding a copy of his first novel in one hand, and her wedding invitation card in another. She was getting married in four days.

Join Rohit in his journey as he sets off to conquer the greatest obstacle of his life, and how on the way he finds out that his childhood dream was the thread connecting everything happening in his life. Will he lose her on his journey of his life time?

My views: Lemme first talk about the book cover and the title. Both are superbly able to tell the story just by reading the title and by looking at the cover. The cover has all the major facts about the story on it. Talking about the story, it is a book in book, that you’ll understand after reading the book. Staring is just so cute, crazy school life, childhood crush,sweet friendship and dreams in eyes. The main character named Rohit, I found him very inspirational and dedicated towards both his dream and his love. Rest all the characters are also realistic and original. Description of Sherly is really attractive. It’s a love story and there are many ups and downs in every love stories. Rohit and Sherly fight with each other and get back to their relationship. I can simply relate this to that of my life…🙈  

Rohit is a master of all his plans, that he could not harm anyone and get his love back. That’s really impressive and gave me strength too. The story goes with a very good flow that author planned it fantastically.

Language used in the story is very good. Conversation is good too, I could sense humor in most diologues written there and that is the plus point. Author drew my attention by writing very little things there like the pronunciation of the word “babba” and many more… 

It is a story of struggles and hardwork. A big example is given in the story. And one thing to mention I didn’t really find any flaw in the book.

I was already a fan of author’s nano-tales and sweet stories and after reading the fantastic novel, I simply fell for him.😍

Conclusion: I found it related and loved it. I’m sure you are gonna love it too.

Star rating: 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟🌟 (5/5)

You can get your copy here: The Stupid Somebody .

Thanks for reading.

-Arti Manekar

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