Life of Teachers

Knowledge has no limits. It never dies. It increases when we share. It needs a medium to stay alive and to go to everyone. Yes , books and Internet are there, but both the things are useless until we have a teacher. Teacher is a person, who not only gives us the bookish knowledge, but one who teaches us to live the life and to adjust in the world.
It is said, “teachers are the builders of the nation”. Yes, it’s damn true. They are making our future, but they face many problems in this way. Life of a teacher is not easy. They have to study before teach us and make sure that the knowledge they are giving us is accurate. Teachers have to spend most of their nights planning,  their mornings explaining, their afternoons correcting, their years encouraging, their lives stressing and it’s all For our future.
Teaching is an addiction. Once someone starts teaching, then he/she always think about what to teach tomorrow, how to teach etc. And in this thought they spend their days and nights. A teacher can’t take a single leave, because a whole class depends upon him/her.
It’s having fun and pleasure to teach nursery students, similarly it’s having risk and tension to teach students of 15-20. This is the age of being matured. It’s a task for teachers to make these students able to take correct decisions by their teaching. This is the age when students get attached with teachers. I myself as a student got attached with my teachers.
Teachers have to balance themselves in the class, because there is a number of students with different minds and thoughts and different intelligence level. It’s really very tough to tie the class in one sound. To satisfy the students with correct knowledge is really pleasing for teachers.
Teachers never say to respect them, the only  happiness, we the students can give to our teachers is by giving our results at our best and by becoming successful in our lives. Because as our teachers are working hard for us, so it’s our duty to do the same for them.
I myself want to become a teacher, because the knowledge of a teacher never ends. Knowledge is worthless without teachers.

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8 thoughts on “Life of Teachers

  1. Wow.. Arti.. nice wrote on teachers life …
    very truelly u win my heart by this story.. great..
    every person should know the ur teacher is more hard worker than u… that’s y respect should be must..

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