I have a sweet friend
               Her name is Gauri
She is nothing but
               My  friendship’s glory.

We are not mates
               She isn’t my best friend
But our friendship is
               Just a beautiful trend.

She Laughs at me
                When I fall down
But she cares after knowing
                That I broke my crown.

She always keeps me happy
                And doesn’t let me cry
I can’t live without her
                I really don’t know why.

She abuses me very sweetly
               And laughs, when I bother
She cares and scolds me
               Like she is my mother.

Playing, studying, shopping
               We did all these together
Missing those days, To enjoy
              Just need a chance another.

-Arti Manekar

Gauri n I .😘😘

Gauri and I in the photo….😘😘😘
(I broke my crown here I mean if I fall n any of my body part get harmed.)

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