Book Review: Call Me Saaya

Author: Zoe M.

About the Author: Zoe M lives and works in Mumbai. She fell in love with the written word at the age of sixteen. Her affair has only matured over the years as she read stories that captivated her. Now, she uses the magic of words to help her spin her own stories. Her love of reading was born when she read The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand. Call Me Saaya is Zoe M’s debut novel. It is a romantic tour de force that weaves in and out of metros and a forgotten, quaint village in Rajasthan, revealing stories as it goes. The novel reflects the author’s love for the unexpected and is as engaging as she is.

Blurb: Description

Shamsher Singh Rathore has it all. A job he loves and a life he lives every moment. Until an untimely call from home embroils him with a woman called Saaya who proceeds to turn his orderly world upside down!

The only interest Sayana Singh Rajput had in him was the prized Sheesh Haveli. She had never believed in love until destiny threw her this impossible challenge.

What do you do when all that you believed in turns out to be a lie?

Will Shamsher be able to save his world?

Will Sayana believe in love or will she allow avarice ruin it all?

What about Saaya?

What happens when desire meets destiny?

Set in idyllic Rajasthan, Call me Saaya is the story of two souls in pursuit for true love while destiny has other plans for them.

My Review: “Call Me Saaya” is a title so engrossing, it simply lead my attraction towards knowing about the person who is named Saaya. Though the book cover has nothing related to the story, but it’s cute and beautiful, unlike other book covers, it doesn’t give any hint about the story.
The beautiful and Royal land of Rajasthan is in the background of the story and the cultural touch of Rajasthan holds the readers. I felt a lil bored at the starting of the story as Shamsher- the male protagonist was already in trouble, but as soon as Saaya- the female protagonist entered into the story, the story took an interesting turn and hence it became a page turner story. At many points I was feeling like oh my god, where the Author has taken the readers in her imagination! Plot was strong and stronger in the middle. The final scenes of the story seemed to be written in a brief, looked like author had some hurry finishing the story. Story could be extended a little more, although the end was perfectly written.
Talking about the characters, I found both Shamsher and Saaya, true souls and made for each other. They were the glimpse of the teachings they got from their parents. All the other characters were crafted beautifully. Being a tea lover, I wish I could have a chance to taste Maan Singh’s famous chai. Narration style was mesmerizing and many new words can be learnt from the story. Author was able to hold readers attraction with the every secret, suspension and drama.
The best thing about the story was that the love story is written as it should be. Strangers to Friends, fell in love, but didn’t let the other know this, hurt each other and be jealous too and finally wanted to be each other’s. I liked how Shamsher hold his emotions and didn’t get intimate with Saaya before marriage. This proved him to be the real Royal man.

Conclusion: Plot is so strong that it gives the feeling of Royal love and with the cute hurt game, it will bring a smile on your face.

Star Rating: 3/5 (couldn’t help).

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Book Review: Love.exe

Author: Manju Nambiar

About the Author: Manju Nambiar hails from the southern state of Kerala. She completed her schooling in Bahrain till 10th and the rest in India. She graduated with a Bachelor in Computer Engineering and later moved to USA where she further completed her Masters.
She now works in one of the leading firms in San Jose, California where she lives with her husband and daughter. Her hobbies include reading, hiking, playing with her daughter and catching up on the latest technologies and trends in the Valley.
Known for the dry humor and wit, her debut book, a novelette “The Money Lender” received rave reviews from readers and was an instant hit. You may get the book from amazon at:
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Blurb: This book is for the romantic dreamy souls out there, looking to escape to their own magic land, away from the humdrum.

Written in a humorous manner, this enchanting sweet story is sure to leave a lasting smile on your face. But do keep a pack of tissue to wipe away your tears in one of those emotional lovely moments. The story reinforces love and trust in you and celebrates the love between parents and child, lovers, and family.

The novel revolves around Nitya, a young bright girl from Kerala, India. She is a go-getter and is all set to do her masters in one of the best universities in the world in the USA. Her life revolves around her parents, relatives, friends, who try to make her world safe much to her reluctance.

All her plans go haywire, when he enters into her life with a bang. He is a charmer, a perfect gentleman with a helping hand. She finds herself smitten and is unable to hold on to her agenda. For once, she just let it be and falls in love, only to realize that there is no undo button.

A beautiful love story follows taking the readers for a roller coaster ride through a series of twists and turns, emotions, suspense and laugh.

This coming of age, beautiful tale of love, relationships and dreams is sure to prick your soul, bring a smile on to you, and tear up your eyes.

My View: When I first read the title, it confused and amazed me, as I didn’t get the title, though it’s cute one and later I got the actual meaning of the title and that too in a different language. Book cover perfectly suits on the story. There is a girl working on her system and this is what the story revolves around.
Not only two places but two countries are there in the background. There is a south Indian family, concerned about their daughter’s marriage and the daughter is determined to make a bright future. I liked the way the story started. Postman is one of my favorite persons and the mention of the postman gave me a smile.
It’s fun to read or listen when marriage proposals come for anyone. It’s a family type story, as their is much involve of the family. All the concerns of every character about anything seems right. It’s something like what happens in reality. While reading the book, it didn’t take me much efforts to picturise all the scenes of the book as the author has narrated it very effectively.
Very good use of humour made the story a must read by anyone and everyone. What a melodrama is created there on the many points.
Both the leading characters- Nitya and Ganpati attracted me. Nitya is a determined girl and also respect and care of every relation she has. On the other hand Ganpati is a man of his beloved woman, he cares for others emotions and he has a very good understanding of everything and a solution for every problem.
Story goes very interestingly. From university to office and from a broken engagement to a fulfilled marriage, the journey of Nitya is amazing. All the incidents happened there will make you fall in love. I must admit, unlike many other love stories, there is no scene of any foreplay in the book. It’s a pure kind of love story.

Conclusion: Those who think marriage is a barrier in the way of bright future, must read the book. Fully entertaining.

Star Rating: 5/5

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Book Review: Till the End of Forever

Author: Vivanksh Singh

About the Author: Vivaksh hails from an unrecognized town of Rajasthan and studied mining engineering from Udaipur. A seeker of deep conversations and lover of late Urdu poet Jaun Elia, he spends most of his time travelling and writing web series, articles and manuscripts.


We have lived a death everyday
It’s time we live like death
No sorrow. No jitters. No trauma
Just you, I and peace.

When Avani met Ayaan, she knew he was deeply bruised by the past; just like her. When Ayaan met Avani, he knew she was looking for peace; just like him. The bond of pain brought them together, and one broken piece completed another.

But just when the candles of serenity were lit, it rained. Ayaan was left shattered when he was held responsible for a friend’s murder. And when Avani tried to hold his pieces together, it gashed into her flesh. Alas, this was just the beginning. Just the winds before the hurricane of spine-chilling mysteries were going to blow her apart. .

Will Avani wait for the scars to heal or will she fight with her bruised soul? Why does the truth keep going deeper as she chases it? .

Deeply sensitive and brutally thrilling, Till the End Of Forever is a romantic thriller that takes a dig in the dark sides of god, nature of human pain, power of selfless care, and something that won’t last till the end of forever.

My View: The most attractive thing about the book is it’s magical title. It leaves us with the curiosity to read the book and to know what lasts till the end of forever and I got the answer at the last. Book cover is equally attractive.
Unlike many books there, this book has very different places at it’s background. Author introduced his characters at the very starting chapters of the book and the introduction was nice as well.
All the characters are strong in their existence and they are really very strong in their own lives. Avani and Ayaan fell for each other, but the reason was pain. Pain creates the strongest bonds than any other feeling in the world can do. And that is what the main teaching of the book. Many good things can be learnt from the story.
Plot goes in a simple way till some chapters but later it becomes complicated and more complicated. There comes a point when the most lovable character becomes someone to be hated and at the last he again becomes the hero of story.
All the incidents happened in a great way but I feel that there should not be the incident of intimacy between Avani and Marshal. Or it could happen a lil later. Language flow is smooth. There are a bit spelling/grammatical mistakes, which I hope to be corrected in the next edition. I liked that the author ended the story with the very person, with whom he had started it. One more thing to be told: Luvleen and Livleen are the cutest names, siblings can have. At the end, I conclude that the author succeed in conveying what he wanted to say.

Conclusion: Having pain in life?
Need to be strong?
Must read the book!
Know the meaning of life.

Star Rating: 4/5

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Book Review: Not Worth Living For

Author: Shreyan Laha

Blurb: Ishita Singh, a student of an esteemed college in Mumbai was living a normal life along with her group of friends, a caring senior and scarily enough, a creep who stalked her.

Shweta wakes up in an unknown planet with an advanced civilisation and sets out with Alexander Ishutin, a former spy of the RSV to discover about the far future.

Underlying the lives of these two girls in different worlds, there lies a dark secret. Will they ever come across this dark secret or will it be so chilling that it won’t be worth living for? Prepare yourselves for a psyched, dystopian adventure. Not for the faint hearted.

My View: A ‘wow’ type of book it is. Book cover is amazing, totally suitable for the story. I’ll talk about the title later. The amazing thing about the book is it’s totally different plot. It will give you pleasure of reading three books simultaneously. There were three levels in which author wrote it. Writing a story with Indian background is good, writing a different story with foreign back is also good, but writing a story with a different planet in background is just amazing. I couldn’t imaging someone writing about the planet Neptune and it’s atmosphere. A good scientific research, which author did before writing about Neptune. It was all adventurous to read about a different planet, kinda boring to read that foreign chapter, may be because I couldn’t understand what was that actually, interesting to read the Indian chapter of college students, one can feel all the pain mentioned there. Third person narration and lucid language is simply attractive.
I can’t say much about characterisation. There are many characters, but not that attractive, because this story isn’t based on characters but on events, beauty of newly imagined place and advanced technology. Alexander and Shweta fall for each other. There was enough of the story to know about Alexander but I also wanted to know about Shweta. But author told me about Ishita.
There were many doubts in my mind about the story, which author helped me writing ‘to be continued…’ at the end of the story.
Now I need to tell about the title. Title is beautiful, yet I couldn’t find it suitable for the story, because I’m still unable to understand whether it’s a lover story, adventurous one or thriller.

Conclusion: This book can take you beyond imagination and the sure thing is that you won’t want to come back.

Star Rating: 3/5

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