Negative Thoughts

#MiracleChallenge : Week-5


             Challenge No. : 4
     Write a Short Story/Poem    using Prompt Theme-

A negative thought come
When one just broke
Broke it’s heart
And the soul agonize
When never find a way
A way to move ahead
And to apologize.

The thought of
End up life
And a thought of
Leave the world
It slowly moves on heart
And ruins one’s life
And works as a sword.

But not all negative thoughts
Are wrong and bad
They sometimes help
Help to think about life
With a different attitude
And hence one can find
The mistakes of life.

A negative thought
Must come in mind
Once in a life
And a hope behind
It change one’s life
And starts a new flight
Like there is a sunshine
After every black night.

-Arti Manekar

27 thoughts on “Negative Thoughts

  1. Arti. That is a positive thinking on Negative thought. Your perspective on saying ‘having negative thoughts is good’ – is different and new. But it’s good if it’s for a short while. It should not ruin your life if ignored.
    Good attempt on the prompt theme. Congrats for completing the challenge No.4 (Claps with smiles)


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