Quote challenge-2

This is the second time I have been nominated for the quote challenge.
I’m going to thanks Dhiraj Anand ( extinct0703.wordpress.com ), my co-blogger😅, my frnd, and my inspiration for English poems.

So, I’m gonna complete my challenge and I’m gonna complete it in 1 day- today.
This time I’m going to post the quotes which are written by me and I use them in my life too:

1. घड़ी की तरफ़ मत देखो, वो करो जो वो करती है, निरंतर चलते रहो। ( don’t look towards the watch, Di what the watch is doing, move on continually )

2. I’m not so formal, because it changes the meanings of relations.

3. Life is actually easy, we ourselves make it complicated.

My nominations are:

 1. sumitofficial.wordpress.com

2. eirisubiramaniam.wordpress.com

 3. extemporizedblog.wordpress.com

Congratulations guys…..keep writing..😇😘

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