Be Stranger, Know Stranger

Not every relation need a name. Some only need love, care, trust, happiness and a bit distance. Distance to improve relations. My philosophy says: ” the person who is far from you, is close rto your heart”.

Can a stranger be your best friend? Very weird but true question. Let’s find the answer.

In this age, everyone says ” don’t trust strangers”. It’s a true line as per our ancestors experience. But not every stranger is a bad person. The world is huge and we all are strangers for each other. But are we bad, are we wrong? There are two faces of a coin – head and tail, as well as a person also has two personalities – positive and negative. But it doesn’t mean we are totally right or wrong. A ‘tit for tat’ nature that every present day human being has. Today’s generation wants to be friendly to all. They want to be good and honest to everyone they meet. When we meet any stranger, what do we think? We think – will the stranger hurt me? But remember we are also strange for that stranger. And we know we are not bad, we will not hurt them. The thinking is same for all who meet first time.

The world is full of good people. I saw many strangers are very helpful. Here I want to share my own experiences.

Before some days I was going to Gujarat from Nagpur. It was my first time to travel alone. I was going by train. That time I was really alone, not only physically, but also mentally. I needed someone to share my feelings. My phone was off. The journey was too long. Oh! What I experienced in my journey, my co-travelers were too good people. They understood my feelings and me and they helped me as much as they could. Also I didn’t feel hesitate to talk to them, because my belief is that a stranger can’t do anything wrong with me. They could do anything wrong with me as they came to know that I was running away from my home, but they didn’t. I was safe. I was feeling blessed and thankful to them. Now, they are far, but connected with me. It’s not possible to write their names here, but all of them will stay always in my mind and heart.

Do you believe in online friends? Difficult to trust bt not impossible.  There are many social networking sites e.g. fb, WhatsApp, Twitter etc. Following, chatting and connecting. These sites are for connecting people. Some people use these for fun, some to be social. Use of these sites depends on us. I’m also using all these sites and I have a number of good online friends. I talk to them, try to know them and what I find? I find they are good people as I’m for them. Sometimes they help me, sometimes I.

Sometimes people ask me, ” how can you be just so friendly with them and how can you trust them?” And I simply answer, “it doesn’t matter the person I’m with, is good or bad to the world. If the person is honest and good with me, this is what really matters”. The world is really huge and having good people. Only we need to have a positive attitude. Because if we are good, we’ll find the world good. Meet every stranger with a great smile. Be good, trust strangers. Believe me, you will find the world more beautiful. Because a stranger can’t hurt you. One who hurts you is no one but your well knowing person always.

Hope you have got the answer of that question which I had asked you in the starting.

-Arti Manekar

15 thoughts on “Be Stranger, Know Stranger

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