Book Review: Let Love Be Weird

Author: Divyesh Mungra

About the Author: Dr. Divyesh Mungra is a contemporary Indian author, young lyricist and former scientist. He chose to attend the long pending call of his heart, ending his stint in Medicinal chemistry research and development after achieving PhD and post-PhD degrees. As a scientist, he has worked with some giant organizations such as Lupin Pharma and Nanjing University. He published ten scientific research papers in journals of international repute.
He also has credits of writing Lyrics for television shows – Om Shanti Om (Star Bharat Channel), Shakti (Colours Channel), Billu Ustaad (movie), Fiza-e-Ishq music album, 24 Carats Mithai Magic’s advertisement jingle song and many more.
He immersed himself in honing his creative side and now revels in it.

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Twitter: @DivyeshMungra

Instagram: @divyesh_mungra05

Blurb: Shama is desperate to gift a happy moment to her father, before his third heart attack.
She has kept her father’s words in her heart- “Make a life, my daughter, make a life.”
She uses her beauty as a weapon to climb the ladder of her life.
But, does she really understand her father’s words?
Siddharth is a self made boy, who believes in making his own path even if he has to manipulate the people around him. He gets involved in the dirty business of erotic audio stories. He records three unmistakably powerful short stories titled- lust, love and friendship.
He enters Shama’s life and starts making her the girl of his dreams. Is he able to change Shama’s way of looking at life?
Come, listen to Shama, to know whether she could gift that happy moment to her father?
On time? Or not?
Through a web of weird and unconventional ideas, is the blurred destination realized?

My Review: Let’s see, how the story goes in my perception, in the following points-

Title and book cover: Both are too good, they make a good combination with each other. The title of the story suits very well to the story and you’ll feel the worth of the title at the very end of the story.
Character development: Character are developed very nicely. I like the choice of Divyesh with the names of characters. Though Siddharth is a common name nowadays, but Shama, Ravin, Shardul, Padmini, these are the very rare and cute names. Siddharth’s character is the best creation of Divyesh. He’s a weird kind of boy, unable to understood by Shama and also by the readers, but the most lovable character at the end as because of him love been weird. I wish I could love chemistry as much as Siddharth loves it, but I’m happy I love maths 😅. Shama played her role very well as the leading female character of the story. She seems to take all the advantages of her beauty. I felt that Ravin’s character could be developed a lil more. I wanted him to be a lil possessive about Shama. Rest all the characters are good too.
Conversation: It’s the soul of the book. And Divyesh wrote very good conversations. I liked the teasing one.
Plot: Plot is quick, interesting. Though there was not any serious and big accident as the center of the story, but all the lil-lil incidents entertain the readers very well. There was a full semester in the book. Starting is beautiful, middle is interesting and entertaining and the ending is just heart touching. Totally unpredictable story. Students will like the story very much. And it will leave a long impact on readers mind.
Background: Today’s age is in the background, which makes the story a must read. There is no description of any special city there as the story revolves around the department of chemistry of a college.
Language and Narration: Language is smooth and narration style is perfect. The amazing part was that the whole story is written in Shama’s perception. That’s a very rare thing to be done by a male author and Divyesh did it very well.
Backlog: I found some/many grammatical/editing mistakes, which disappointed me.
Conclusion: A very new taste of love can be seen in the story. A worth read book.

Star Rating: 4/5

Book Link: Order your copy here- Let Love Be Weird .

Stay connected.

-Arti Manekar


Book Review: Strangers With Known Faces

Author: Gautam Dutta

Blurb: Rajat, Meenakshi, Sadaaf, Amol, and Shanaya are five University students with nothing in common- who should never have met in the first place. They meet after winning a lucky draw- the prize of which was to take part in a puzzle game. Though the game was engrossing, they were unable to solve the puzzle in the stipulated time. However, this lead to the beginning of a deep friendship between them. Their friendship blossomed. But ego and misunderstanding led to an acrimonious break up. They meet again- two decades later- when Shanaya is murdered, and the other four are suspects. The four soon realize that in spite of being estranged for so many years, there were unknown ties that bound them- ties of treachery, deceit, and subterfuge. Ties that have led them to come together in circumstances that no one could have foreseen. And the game that they had left incomplete two decades back has to be played yet again – on a much bigger canvas. Now they have to trust each other, clear their names, and get to the bottom of the mystery, which threatens not only their lives and relationships, but also the fabric of democratic India. As their travels and travails continue, they discover hitherto unknown facets of the people around them, as well as their own selves. Can they succeed in resolving the puzzle this time? Or is history doomed to repeat itself? As hidden aspects of the human personality are revealed, they realize that no one is what he or she appears to be. For the world comprises of ‘Strangers With Known Faces’.

My View: I would like to give the review from the title name to the epilogue. I found the title very interesting that it simply attracts readers and creates mystery in reader’s mind. Story started in a mysterious way and just in few pages, you’ll feel like the title is very suitable for the story. Character development was fantastic. It was nice reading every character’s story in details. And the way the author linked every story was a good one. Narration was the best part of the story. Author did it in third person and he succeed in telling every story. Author used a language which will help readers in enhancing their vocabulary. Plot was interesting as many sub plots were there. The suspense was there till the last and that was really very impressive.

1) I felt a lil bore of reading every characters story. I mean the story of every character was too lengthy. There could be written 5 books.
2) I really didn’t like the end part of the story. Author put all his efforts in developing the story but couldn’t end it in an effective way.
3) Book cover could be more interesting.

Conclusion: The story was able to hold the interest of readers with its interesting murder mystery.

Star Rating: 4/5

Book link: Get your book here- Strangers with Known Faces .

Book Review: The Coin

There’s no other side of the coin

Author: Sandeep Sharma

About The Author: Sandeep Sharma (25) has written four novels, titled ‘Hey Dad! Meet my mom’, ‘Algorithm of the future’, ‘Let The Game Begin’ and ‘Just A Few Lies’. He is currently working on his start-up venture named ‘Author Paradise’ that works for the benefit of Authors to provide them well-organized online & offline publicity. By education, he is a civil engineer who graduated from JSS Academy of Technical Education, Noida. He is very passionate about writing and has been writing short stories for his personal blog since 8 years. Some of those short stories, also are being adopted in conversion as short movies. He is an avid reader and loves to review books on his blog. He is a well-known reviewer in the literary world and has reviewed more than 300 books.

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Blurb: “Who likes Sudden death?” That’s the only question he used to ask before killing his prey. Random people are being abducted from the capital city, Delhi and are being killed mercilessly. Before killing, the murderer is reciting them a story, a story about a 9 year old child who saw the brutal side of the world at a very young age. All the stories are being recorded for the Police department to see. Raunak Upadhyay, the Police inspector who is handling the case, links the style of serial killing to the case he solved years ago. But the murderer of that case is in jail then who is following the footsteps? Does the murderer want to convey something? Whose story is being recited? Why the murderer is taking personal interest in Raunak? Is there any other side of this coin or both the faces are just the same?

Welcome to the Brutal world!

My Review: I was just so excited after watching the trailer of the book. And many thanks to Sandeep to give me the opportunity to read and review your book. The book cover and the title say that one will have the amazing read inside the book. As the cover of the book says There’s no other side of the coin, and hence I’m amazed how came Sandeep wrote both the side of the coin. I mean the description of both the main characters of the book is amazing. Raunak, being a police inspector, solves every case with all his mind and soul. This character is simply attractive. High quality intelligence of his is something very adorable. On the other hand Chandan, being a criminal, has done every crime in a way which can leave the police eyes open. Though, Chandan seems to be the criminal until you reach three fourth of the story, but there was someone else behind the curtains.
Sandeep penned the characters in a way that no reader will stop admiring him.
Story goes in a flow, that one can complete reading it just in one sitting, means the book will get glued to your hands until you complete it. You’ll be wanting to know that what will happen next. The incidents of the story are planned very smartly. At first you will get a lil confused about from where the story started, but later you will start linking all the incidents and at the same time you’ll start liking it. Many good things are there to be learnt, one such I would love to mention “Don’t make plans for anything you do. It hurts when the plan fails”.
Writing style of Sandeep is always liked by all his readers and as always it is the same with this book too.
I’m glad to read a mystery book.

Conclusion: There is a case being solved in a book not so lengthy. It is a book which will let your mind stuck on it’s pages by author’s words.

Star Rating: 5/5

Book link: You can order it from here: The Coin .

Stay connected.

-Arti Manekar

बिना रंगों की होली

होली खेलने की चाह थी उनकी हमारे साथ,
बुलाया हमने फिर उनको अपने पास।
बाहों में ले के इतने समीप,
कि वो हो गए निर्भीक।
हमने रंगा उनके लबों को अपने लबों से,
हर तरफ होली के रंग बिखरे थे हजार।
लेकिन उनकी आंखों में था रंग एक,
उन पलों में हम हो गए थे एक।
वो पल थे जैसे कि वर्ष हजार।
हो रहे थे वो मेरी बाहों में ज़ार- ज़ार।
फिर मेरे लब थे और उनका माथा।
यहाँ से शुरू की हमने उस रात की प्रेम गाथा।
उस रात हमने किये हजार मिलन।
बस मेरी ही छविलीन थे उनके नयन।
हमने बिना रंगों के थी खेली होली।
लेकिन उनका हर अंग लाल था जैसे रोली।

-My Bau

A very Happy Holi to everyone…

And here is the Holi Special Post… written by part of me… My Bau…🙈🙈🙈🙈

Write down in comment, how you feel about the post…

Stay connected…🙌

-Arti Manekar

मैं कैसे लिखती हूं

तुम अक्सर पूछते हो न, कि मैं कैसे लिखती हूं?

हंस कर टाल देती हूं तुमको,

कई मिथ्या बातें गढ़ती हूं।
आज बताऊं तुमको, कि मैं कैसे लिखती हूं?

कोई उमंग उठी मन में ज्यों कहीं,
तब एक विचार धर लेती हूं,
उस विचार की डोर पकड़ तब,
धीरे-धीरे मैं उड़ती हूं।
फिर हवा तेज होती है तर्कों की,
तब अंबर का नाप मैं ले आती हूं।
ज्यों आंधी चलती है ज्ञान की,
मैं क्षितिज तक दौड़ लगाती हूं।
वापस आकर फिर अनुभव का मांजा,
तब फिरकी में लपेटती हूं।

भूख लगती जब कभी शब्दों की,
मैं बाजार किताबों के जाती हूं।
मुंह से लार टपकती है जब,
भांति-भांति की किताबें देखती हूं।
कुछ चखने लगती हूं तब ही,
कुछ झोली में डाल घर लाती हूं।
मीठे – खट्टे – कड़वे – कच्चे
कुछ पके, शब्द तब मैं पाती हूं।
भावनाओं की मद्धम आंच पर
कविता का व्यंजन पकाती हूं।

जब कभी लिखने बैठूं मैं और
कलम, दवात रिक्त पाती हूं,
तब कलम उठाकर मैं
सागर के तट तक दौड़ लगाती हूं।
वहां देख रेत के किलों को
जब अपूर्ण कहानियां पाती हूं,
तब मुट्ठी में किस्से और
अंजुली में स्याही भर लाती हूं।
घर आकर फिर सारी जिजीविषाएं,
कागज पर जीवंत बनाती हूं।

कुछ तुमसे उधार लेती हूं,
कुछ तुमसे ही चुरा लाती हूं।
मेरा यहां कुछ भी नहीं है,
मैं बस भावनाओं को आकार देती हूं।
तुम पढ़ते हो जैसे मुझको,
बस ऐसे ही मैं लिखती हूं।

-आरती मानेकर

Book Review- When God Bribed A Sailor

Hello guys.!

Hope you all are good. I am posting today after a while, as I’m messed up with a busy schedule. So I just finished reading a book, of which I’m giving review here. “When god bribed a sailor”- a stunning nowel by Shalabh Bansal.

Description: They told him this wasn’t his turf. He was warned about the prevailing dangers at sea, But kishaant was allured by the attractive career in Merchant Navy.

But what happened on-board ‘MT Vision’ changed his life completely. What was the reason that God himself had to bribe him? Or was it simply a plan to make his life a worthier one by introducing the angelic girl ‘Tasha’ in his life?

A take of two lovers who were bound to be together but held back by the society; “When God bribed a sailor” highlights some of the darkest secrets of the shipping industry, inspired by a true story. ‘WHEN GOD BRIBED A SAILOR’ is a tribute to sailor’s life and love.

About the author: “Shalabh Bansal”, an alumni of St. Mary’s Academy, meerut, graduate at marine. Engineer from BITS Pilani, under the elite “Tolani Maritime Institute”, Pune.

Shalabh has also authered two novels including the best selling “A pluperfect Gift”. He was termed as the “Best Upcoming author” by the famous “SAILOR’s today” magzine and also received an invitation to become one of the social moderator and co-ordinator of the “AAM ADMI PARTY”.

WHEN GOD BRIBED A SAILOR is his third book.

My view on the book: When God bribed a sailor- a story of career, revenge, love, sacrifice. I seriously didn’t think that it would be a love story, by reading the title, but most part of the story is written on a love life. kishant, a middle class boy, having only his father in his life, dream to join Navy, many difficulties he face in that way, but somehow managed to study in TMI. I like the will power of him described in the story. The author wrote only one chapter about his life in TMI, which I think, he should have described a lil more. I found the story a bit boring till some chapters. The part I liked the most was the description of his healing treatment at ‘sacred space’. That part, tell that there’s still humanity left in human! And let the people have faith in the almighty. The incidence, where god came to meet the author is something mysterious! After that very healing treatment, the love story begins, which is indeed a super awesome story. Our past doesn’t let us move on, but love cure us! Tasha, a simple girl, with whom anyone can fall, and Kishant fell. Their story gave a new meaning to love.

Language is simple, story beautifully penned. I just want that writer must have written a lil more about the Navy life!

At last.. the author asked one question – “So what do you think my friends, did she accept it?” And my answer to the question is- “yes she did!”

Good book, go for it!

Conclusion: Lost all hopes? Read the novel.

Star rating: 4/5 ****

Order your copy here When God Bribed A Sailor .

Thanks for reading.

Stay happy!

-Arti Manekar

A Public Letter to a Secret Person

 Dear Love!💖

Though we talk to each other every day, still some untold feelings are there, which I’m going to tell you through this letter. I wanted to write this letter to you since long, even many times, I went to post office and came back without posting it, because I was feared of your parents reading it. But today my baby blog gave me the courage to write it even in public. Many thanks to it.

My dear  and near ones always doubt me and ask me if I’m in love or not, even my Mumma always scolds me, because I keep smiling all day. My lips lie, but my eyes always tell the truth to them. So, today I’m going to reveal the secret. Yes, I’m in love, I’m in love with you, my darling chocolate.
Before, I was not a believer in love, but since we started talking and knowing each other, I felt something mysterious for you, something which I never felt for anyone before. I can see the positive changes, which you brought in my life. Yes, I was happy  for no reason, when you weren’t in my life, but now, I’m happy and you are the reason. I was working just for passing time, now I work because I enjoy it. I was getting irritated by the noise, now I feel and enjoy it everytime. All these is because of you. The day we met and you told me that you feel the same for me as I feel for you, my happiness had no bounds, I was on cloud nine. When you hugged me and kissed my hand even in public, it letted me feel special. The way you were looking in my eyes, I couldn’t help but blushed. Everything was happening like “Jaisa Filmo me Hota Hai, Ho Raha Hai Hubahoo.” The gift of your love, “the time” is the most special gift for me ever. That day, with my heart full of your love, I couldn’t sleep at night.

I like your childish talks, they make me laugh everytime. I like your eyes, I can see only myself in those wide eyes. I like your tall height, I can hug you and listen your heart beating my name. I like your heart, because I found it the safest place to live. I like when you ask me to fulfill your stupid wishes, because they make me stronger everytime. I like when you tell me your favourite food and ask me to learn cooking it for you. I like when every morning and every night, you wish me with beautiful poems. I like when you call me with my name, instead of calling me with different names. I like when you tell me about your crazy dreams and ask me to be your partner in them. I like when I told you about dark sides of my life and you promised me to fill them with lights. I like when you share your pains and sorrows with me and think that I’m your strength pillar. When you told me that anger is your biggest enemy, I was frightened that time and promised myself that I will never angry you, because I don’t want to lose you.

Dear, now this is time for you as well me to build our careers, because without a career, we can’t be WE. I know you are going far from me and I promise you, neither I’ll feel low, nor I’ll let you feel low. I don’t know when are we going to meet next, but I’ll always wait for you. I’ll be waiting for the day, when we both will be ourselves and we’ll be  WE .

Rest in Love. Be mine. 

With the promise of being yours.💖

Yours and only yours 


-Arti Manekar