Book Review: Where Oceans Meet

Author: Himanshu Chhabra

Genre: Romance Thriller

About the Author:
HIMANSHU CHHABRA is a Tax Advisor and a Consultant, who had no intention to be a writer. There is no back story to it. Writing just happened one day on its own and kept on happening again and again. Then he started to enjoy it and realized that it was what he had wanted to do all along. He started with blogging in 2012 with a blog named ‘Purple Pen’, which had over 4.5 million views. The blog left a stirring impact on the blogging industry and thousands of readers appreciated his writings. He has been part of many anthologies such as ‘Uff ye Emotions 1 & 2’ and ‘25 Strokes of Kindness’ and has also been a part of various projects as a ghost writer. Beside writing, he also enjoys an intimate bond with photography. He is from Hisar, Haryana. If you want to get this book signed you know where to find him. As a hybrid author who enjoys stiff drinks [read: water], music, late night drives, romance with universe and five-star reviews on his books, he can be found on and would love to hear from you at

L O S T Jai, who doesn’t know his name yet, wakes up every day in a struggle to know his identity. Battling and tossing between his nightmares and crowd of Mumbai, he grabs onto his hope tight. Three months in the forest of Humans, he keeps on looking for his could-be name, his could-be identity, and his could-be life. He is a survivor. meets Radhika, L O S T Radhika fights against her odds, steadfastly struggling through her own battles. She is a warrior. Radhika recognises him in a bar and initiates a conversation. You look familiar, she tells him. They get drunk and subconsciously end up in an apartment, their Apartment, where they get to know that they have been married to each other for years. This book takes you on a journey of a survivor’s breakthrough, a warrior’s zenith, their past, present and future.

My Review: ‘Where Oceans Meet’ is a Thriller Romance story.
I loved the book cover for it has all the significant elements which the story holds with it. Author started the book with small chapters and then slowly, he increased the length of the chapters, which let the readers get into the story and this won’t let the reader get bored.
The story covers most parts of India as the protagonits keep traveling in search of their true selves.
There are 2 protagonists- Jai and Radhika. Jai has a hunger to know his past. He’s an introvert and a very caring man. Radhika is full of life. A girl who can light up Jai’s mood, even readers will love her character as she is full of thriller and creative ideas to live life in a joyful way.
The book cover helped me imagining Jai and Radhika very well.
At some points the story left me confused as how they came to the apartment, how Radhika was able to message Naman. But these didn’t stop me loving the story.
I recommend the book to both romance and thriller lovers.

Star Rating: 4/5

Book Link: Get your copy here- Where Oceans Meet.

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-Arti Manekar