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You Are The Best Thing That Happened To Me

Author: Sushil Kumar Rana

About the Author

Sushil Kumar Rana is a Mechanical Engineer work in an MNC company in Odisha. He belongs to a middle class family, was born and brought up in Bolangir District, Odisha. He always tried to inhabit the life in his way and his parents always support him. He is an aspiring author, contributed in an anthology is published by Purlit (Rainbow of Womanhood). A second anthology is “ Twisted Tales” published by the Authors ink publication. He is the author of “In Search Of Happiness” Anthology. He was in the habit of writing a diary which consisted of his college experiences and memories. Currently working on his second novel based on crime thriller. Apart from writing, reading and book reviewing, he is a music and movie geek. His motto in life “never give up your dreams for others, be happy and spread happiness”. Currently he resides in Sambalpur District


Sushil: A successful writer and an engineer from a Middle-class family. Anjali: A gorgeous and smart girl. Anyone can fall in love at the first sight of her. Aashish: Sushil’s Best friend, who loves Anjali one-sided. Anuradha: A journalism Student and doing research on Writer Sushil Pandit is a mechanical engineer. He is also an author of two bestselling novels. Now, he has everything in life, except his love, Anjali. Love is a blissful and everyone has to experience it once in a lifetime. Love makes life lively and also give a reason to live. There was a time when these two lovebirds were an example of two bodies, one soul. But a turning point in their lives sets them apart, with their soul still united and strong. Experience a roller coaster of emotions in this story. Find out how Sushil changed into a successful person from an ordinary boy.

My Views: “You are the best thing that happened to Me” is a title very romantic. Book cover is attractive enough. Such a scene can be read in the book. After reading the prologue, I felt, any book should start like this. I like the way author gave different title for every chapter. He even mentioned dates, which made the book more realistic. It’s basically a love story and like every love story, there are many sweet scenes. Sushil and Anjali are the leads of the story. Aashish being Sushil’s best friend played his role well. Determination and caring can be learnt from Sushil, where Anjali teaches to be happy. A person, starts doing mad things when he/she falls in love, Sushil does the same and that author penned beautifully. Story goes with the flow. All the scenes are necessary happenings.
Some drawbacks are there…
Some scenes are there which needed to be mentioned.
There are some scenes
which contradict each other. I’ll not enclose the story. Some hindi dialogues need polishing.
Sushil was the elder son, there must be some scenes with his siblings in the book, but there is no mention of them or the mention came way too late and way too little.
Anjali fell for Sushil way too easily, she should have taken some more time.
I didn’t like the ending so much as it seems incomplete, but I can wait for the sequence of the book.

Overall an average book, will not let you bore.

Conclusion: Love makes you do stupid things… Read all the stupidity in the book.

Star Rating: 3/5

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