Liebster Award….2


Hello guys…
Once again I got the liebster award….
Which is given by Mahesh Mali ( awesomengers ).. I’m thankful to him….
My frnd n a romance writer….😅😉
Must visit his blog..
Ull enjoy it..
N sorry Mahesh for the late post..

Here are some rules for Liebster Award : 
– Recognize 5 other new bloggers.

– Answer a set of 11 questions.

– Tell readers 11 random facts about you.

– Ask 11 more questions of the new bloggers.

– Link this post back to the blogger.

Question – answer time:

1. Who is your favorite superhero ?
-> a super hero means one who helps u n others n inspires you to do the same..  So my super hero is my own brother…I just believe in real life heroes..😉😙.
Miss u Bhai..

2. Who is your role model ?
–> as I believe in reality, so I don’t need to have a role model.
I myself is my role model..n want to be for others.

3. What are your worst habits ?
 –> I have an addiction towards everything I m surrounded by. N smtimes it hurt me..😅

4. Which are your 5 favourite songs ?
–>  sorry, I don’t actually listen any song to make it my favorite.
Just I here songs very rarely.
Bt yes I love old, romantic songs.. 😍😍😍
They are just like medicines.. For my ill heart.

 5. What are your 5 current goals ?
–> 1)to teach my students in a way they can understand. N I think I’m working like that.
2) to find a perfect life partner
3) to improve my writing.
4)  to learn Spanish.
5) to enjoy my life.

6. What attracts you ? ( In love )
-> the way a person cares for his/her love one.

7. Which is your favorite movie ?
-> I don’t actually watch movies. So no answer.

8. Who is your favourite author ?
–>  The Novel King- Munshi Premchand ji

9. Why you started blogging ?
–> as I told u before that my frnd suggested me start blogging. So I had stated.

10. What is your biggest regret ?
-> y I left them… Sry can’t tell who are they.

11. What makes you happy ?
-> when someone says “u write very good” it makes me happy.

Facts About Me : 

1. I’m Arti Manekar, high school teacher.

2. I’m the little most among my co-teachers. So get a spcl care from them too.😇

3. I’m good till u r..

4. I’m always in love…’s a secret with whom!🙈🙈🙈🙈
(The secret is I’m in love with my life😍)

5. I love chotte-chotte bacche.👶😍

6. I love to beloved, bt can’t love.

7. I understand ppl very well, so ppl open their hearts in front of me, with no doubts. That’s make me feel proud that they trust me.

8. When I call my cousin honey , he call me back bee.
Romantic n?
Bt he’s just 7.😪🙇😅😂😉

9. I love to roam alone in a green garden with colorful flowers.

10. Simple living, high thinking..
I like this quote most n really use it in my life..

11. I can’t really wait for someone to have food with him/her. As u guys know I’m bhukkad.😂😂😂

Rest u can read in my last award…😉

My Nominees : 






Please visit this lovely blogs & don’t forgot to click on follow😉

Now here are your questions guys:

1. When u started writing n what was ur first inspiration to write?

2. Any incident, which is inspiring for others n u want to share?

3. Did u ever listen stories from dadi-nani? Tell any1 teaching from them which u still use in ur life. .

4. R u a day dreamer? Hope all..
Then what’s ur biggest dream? How u r going to fulfill it..?

5. What’re ur comfort zones.?

6. Any mistake u have done? N u want to recover it? How will u do that if u get a chance?

7. Define friendship in 1 word.

8. Define love in 1-2 lines.

9. Do you like cooking? Which dish u can make perfectly?

10. What if we get a chance to meet?

11. Do you love cartoons? Which one n why?

Congratulations bloggers on your nominations!

Let me know in a comment box , when you share your blog post.  I am excited to read your answers. Now spread the word and nominate 5 new bloggers!

Keep writing guys!😇

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