Love with Sun

Every morning I wish
To see you
Above in the sky.
I start my day
with your first look.
Makes me
You know,
The start of every love
Is a sweet quarrel…
May be I’m in love
With you..

I get annoyed
With you
In the hot summer…

When it turns rainy…
I come to like you
And your rays..
It feels good to me…

Then I start
loving you..
In the lovely winter…
And my heart
Fill with joy
Of your shine..

Oh dear Sun..
You are now mine…!😊

-Arti Manekar


Blogger Recognition Award..

लगता है मेरे ब्लॉग के अच्छे दिन आए हैं😆😆😆😂.
This is my 3rd award…n my happiness is on it’s hights…😇😊.
Feeling blessed….
Aanchal ( thanks for nominating me For this award…u r such a nice writer…

Here is my award…


My journey as a blogger-
U can read my blogger journey in my previous post (award).
Still I want to say I’m enjoying my journey n loving it too…it’s going great day by day..😊

My Advice-

Do I need to give a new advice this time?
If yes then here I go ..

Learn from every person who comes in ur life..
Every1 will teach u anything new..😊
N keep writing..

My nominations-

May be this is the biggest confusion for me to nominate ppl.😅
1.Jyotsna Sharma
2. Dhiraj Anand
3. Amita Singh
4. Raman Preet
5. Novemberschild

All these guys are superior than me. My inspirations, my frnds, my seniors, nd very good writers.
I’m none to give them award. Bt these are the 5 names which came in my mind for the very first for this award..😊


1.Write a post to show your award.
2.Thank me
3.Briefly describe your journey as a blogger.
4.Give advice to other bloggers. 5.Nominate the deserving ones.

Congratulations guys..n keep writing..


Quote challenge-2

This is the second time I have been nominated for the quote challenge.
I’m going to thanks Dhiraj Anand ( ), my co-blogger😅, my frnd, and my inspiration for English poems.

So, I’m gonna complete my challenge and I’m gonna complete it in 1 day- today.
This time I’m going to post the quotes which are written by me and I use them in my life too:

1. घड़ी की तरफ़ मत देखो, वो करो जो वो करती है, निरंतर चलते रहो। ( don’t look towards the watch, Di what the watch is doing, move on continually )

2. I’m not so formal, because it changes the meanings of relations.

3. Life is actually easy, we ourselves make it complicated.

My nominations are:




Congratulations guys…..keep writing..😇😘


पूर्व दिशेला सूर्य उगे,
झाली सुंदर सकाळ.
गृहलक्ष्मी! करती काय?
सडासंमार्जन करे अंगणी
दोन बोटांच्या चिमटीने,
रेखीली रांगोळी.
अनेक बिंदु
जोड़ती रेष
कधी सरळ आणि
वक्र रेष कधी.
सूर्य-चंद्र कधी
स्वस्तिक आणि
कळश-शंख कधी,
अशी काढ़े
विविध आकार.
पिवळा- निळा
रंगाचा सुंदर संस्कार.!
अशी सजती
रांगोळी अंगणात
आणि शोभा वाढ़े घराची.
दिवाळी असो
असो किंवा दसरा
असा दिवस हसरा,
तरी सजती
रांगोळी अंगणात.
गृहसौंदर्याचा प्रतीक
तसाच शुभकार्यचा मान,
मन होई प्रसन्न,
अशी सजती
रांगोळी अंगणात.

-आरती मानेकर


The Quote Challenge

Hello All,

I would like to thanks Solitary Wanderer for nominating my blog for this challenge and make me feel glad..
Now here I’m going to complete the challenge.. Here are my all three quotes, which I liked most…😊




To continue the Challenge I nominate:

1. Mayank Bhatt
2. Maha Khan
3. Dehan Taylor
All the best guys…✌

The rules are as follows,
1.Thank the person who nominated you,
2.Post 1-3 quotes for 3 consecutive days.
3.Nominate 3 blogs each day for 3 consecutive days.

Hope you’d enjoy the task as much as I did. Keep writing..!


क्या मैं खुद से गाफ़िल हो जाऊँ?
या फिर तेरी चाहत में खो जाऊँ?

अब यक़ीन इस जिंदगी पर नहीं
ना जाने कब साथ छोड़ जाएंगी!
भरोसा एक मौत पर रहा है
कभी ना कभी तो ज़रूर आएंगी।

मैं मुज़तर हूँ, कैसे समझूँ तुझको?
तुझे राबता भी है मुझसे और तस्कीं भी।
लेकिन जुरअते- इज़हार नहीं है तुझमें।
मोहब्बत अजीब है,
वरना सुरूर तो देती मयकश भी।

हक़ बात कहूँ, तुम मुझे साइल समझो
और सदके में एक फ़ाक भर मोहब्बत दे दो।
तुम वाकिफ़ तो हो मेरी बावफ़ा मोहब्बत से
अब अपनी भी वफ़ा का इज़हार कर दो।

-आरती मानेकर

Call Me Back…!

One year passed,
                 I am far from you.
I miss you everyday,
                 Indeed, it’s true.
Everyday in morning,
                 I wait for your call.
Don’t you miss me?
                Want to ask, your doll.
In a day, every hour
                I check my mobile.
Hence my day pass,
                But my heart immobile.
The load of your memories,
                Now I learnt to bear.
At night, the world sleeps
               And I, burst in tear(s).
I’m surrounded by crowd
               But, my soul is alone.
Do you feel the same?
              Or have you been a stone?
Now, I want to repent,
             On the mistake I’ve done.
Forgive me, O my lord!
             Else my entity will be none.
I want your love
             And I need the same care.
Listen to my silence,
             My words don’t have dare.
In this world, without you
             I can’t really walk.
Oh my dear MOM-DAD,
             Please, call me back…!

-Arti Manekar

इन्तहां की घड़ी है!

इन्तहां की घड़ी है,
दिन-रात ऐसे
ना बरसो तुम!
कि मेरा मन
सिंहर उठता है।
हाँ, है पसंद मुझे
बूँद-बूँद बारिश!
पर चाँद को ना
रास आए, कि
रोज उसे कोई
बादल छुपाए।
हर रात जब वो
धरा से मिलने आए,
साथ में चाँद, सितारों
की चुनर लाए।
ऐसे में बादल, तुम रोज
आया न करो,
कि मन मेरा-उसका
तड़पाया ना करो।
एक कोने में बैठके
एक रात जब तुम,
जो चाँदनी रात का
नज़ारा देखो…
तो चाँद भी खुश होके कहे-
खत्म हो चुकी,
इन्तहां की घड़ी है।

-आरती मानेकर

Liebster Award

*yuuhhuuuuhu😋* It feels so good that my blog poemsbyarti has been nominated for this award. My 3 months young blog’s second achievement and we’ll be partying together soon😀 I started off this blog in March (होली), just to pen down what aches me and it comes out to be a beautiful thing since then.

Thanks RandomRagas  for nominating me for this award, you guys are awesome. Teaming together and writing beautiful poetry. Keep rocking that ways…

Rules are here :


Now I’m gonna answer the questions which u asked me:

1. Why do you choose to write ?
Ans 1. Writing is the best way to express my feelings.. Sometimes I wrote what I can’t tell to any1. Hence I feel satisfied.

2. How you want to see your blog after 5 years ?
Ans 2. Oh, I actually can’t imagine that. Because I can’t act on things which is not here in present. Bt still I want my blog must be have thousands of readers after 5 years.😅

3. What if word press was never there ? What platform you like to express on ?
Ans 3. Then I couldn’t get the frnds which I got here and also couldn’t read all urs posts.  Yes, fb was there, bt no1 read there carefully. So WordPress is the best platform for me.

4. How you see bibliophiles – boring or amazing ?
Ans 5. Obvio amazing..

5. Why do you choose that specific name for your blog ?Why not anything else ?
Ans 5. Actually my blog’s name is given by my frnd.

6. Express your views on ‘Friends as blogger’ ?
Ans 6.  ‘Friends as blogger’
Interesting. Really…!
I have many frnds which are bloggers too. We do read each others posts, we suggest each other, we not only admire each other bt also give the correct compliments. Many things to write bt I would like to stop this topic here.😊🤗

7. How many glasses of water you drink everyday ? If less than 8 glasses why so ?
Ans 7. More than 8 glasses.

8. If you get a chance to be invisible ? What would you like to do with those powers ?
Ans 8. I would like to go out my house and only wants to see how Is the world without me..😆

9.How do you shoo away negative vibes ?
Ans 9. Only a positive vibe can shoo away all the negative vibes. If there are negative thoughts are coming in my mind, I just go to God. N sit for a lil period there alone. It really works.✌

10. What if you get a chance to communicate with an animal ? Whom do you choose and what will you ask ?
Ans 10. Oh… If there is a chance to communicate with animals, then I’m eager for it. I would like to choose a dog. N will ask him to be my best friend.😊😇

11. Write 2 lines on ‘Motivation’ and how you pursue it everyday ?
Ans 11. Ur own failure is the biggest motivation for u. Nd u urself is the biggest motivation for u…
Whenever my mood is off due to lack of motivation, or by anything which is going wrong, I just think abt the gud tym when I was best among all. It motivates me.😊

11 Facts about Me : 
11 facts can’t define me…bt here is a have to write…

1. I look like my aunt (bua).
All say I’m photocopy of her.
And really I found there are a lot similarities between us. Even the day we born (Saturday).😂😂😅

2. People get amazed when they came to know that I don’t watch TV.😅

3. In scl days I used to finish my tiffin as well my frnd’s tiffin too… So they used to call me Bhukkar…😅😂... I love this name…

4. My Dr denied me to eat sweets..
Bt I can’t obey her..coj m a sweet lover..🍪🍨🍧🍦🍥🍡😅😍

5. Chocoholic…🍫🍬

6. Sketch artist…🖌🖋🖍🖊

7. I believe in work, bt I trust God is there, who always watch us…

8. I like to do all work with perfection. No matter what I’m doing. So I always try my best.

9.  I’m talkative. Nd proud to be.
My belief is that a person who talks more, can’t get feared of talking in front of a crowd. So I do.😋

10. Ppl say….my maturity level is more than my age. And I think that’s why my most frnds are elder than me…😇

11. I like to spend my time alone, when I’m in a bad mood.. It helps me getting normal…😆

Nominating these 5 people for this award :
Oh no..! This is the most difficult task for me….I really can’t nominate only 5 bloggers.. Coj according to me all who are writing here are best in themselves…
So I’ll inform them personally.. I don’t know whom I’m going to nominate..
Will nominate randomly.. Kinda blindly..😅

Here are your questions :
Yes I’m a teacher. Bt it’s difficult for me to ask questions… So I’m asking the same questions, which I have been asked by Shalini ..😄

1.Why do you choose to write ?2.How you want to see your blog after 5 years ?
3.What if word press was never there ?What platform you like to express on ? 
4.How you see bibliophiles – boring or amazing ?
5.Why do you choose that specific name for your blog ?Why not anything else ?
6.Express your views on ‘Friends as blogger’ ?
7.How many glasses of water you drink everyday ? If less than 8 glasses why so ?
8.If you get a chance to be invisible ? What would you like to do with those powers ?
9.How do you shoo away negative vibes ?
10.What if you get a chance to communicate with an animal ? Whom do you choose and what will you ask ?
11.Write 2 lines on ‘Motivation’ and how you pursue it everyday ?

So, have a great time answering them and congratulations to all whom I’ve nominated. Waiting for your replies😀…
Keep writing guys..😉


यूँ तो बहुत से शायरों, कवियों, गीतकारों ने
अपनी शायरियों, कविताओं, गीतों में,
चाँद का वर्णन कहीं-न-कहीं तो किया ही होंगा।
और उन रचनाओं के साथ ही उन्होंने,
उस चाँद को अपना बना लिया होंगा।

हर रात को भी शायद,
घमण्ड होगा इसी बात का कि,
वो चाँद है, जो उसके आँचल में रहता है।
रात के वे चमकते हुए तारें भी,
इठलाते होंगे अपनी किस्मत पर कि,
रात के खामोश समां में वो चाँद उनके साथ है।

चाँद शोभा है हर रात की,
तारों से चमकते उस आसमान की,
शंकर के श्रम-सींकरों पर,
शोभा बनी रहे उस चाँद की।

पूर्णिमा की रात चाँद का जो
पूर्ण स्वरूप देखने को मिलता है।
वहीं अमावस्या की काली रात को,
चाँद की याद का बस सहारा ही
इन आँखों को मिलता है।

सोलह कलाओं के साथ चाँद का
सौंदर्य क्रम प्रतिदिन बढ़ता है।
चाँद के इस अनुपम सौंदर्य से ,
नारी-निशा का रूप निखरता है।

माना कि है चाँद में दाग भी,
वो दाग नारी के मुख पर
तिल के समान लगता है।

शशि, रजनीश, चन्द्र, रजनीपति, मयंक!
है चाँद के नाम ये अनेक।
चाँद के इन अनेक नामों के समान,
जग में लोग भी है अनेक!

पहले चाँद एक था, केवल एक,
आज प्रत्येक व्यक्ति का अपना चाँद है,
अलग -अनेक!

चाँद का यह गुण है कि वह,
दिन के ताप का नाश करके,
शीतलता भरी रात हमें देता है।
शीतलता भरी रात का यह नज़ारा,
मेरे दिल को सुकून देता है।

अब, मैंने भी अपनी कविता में,
चाँद का वर्णन कर दिया।
और उस चाँद को अपना बना लिया।
अब, मैं “चाँद” को पाना चाहती हूँ।
लेकिन उस तक जाने में असमर्थ हूँ।
चाहती हूँ, वो चाँद स्वयं मुझ तक आए,
और मैं उसे हमेशा के लिए पा लूं।
फिर मैं रात-तारों के समान,
अपनी ही किस्मत पर इताराऊ।
शोभा बने वह मेरी भी, यह अभिलाषा है।
ना रहे सहारा यादों का, यह भी मेरी आशा है।

जैसे है इस जग के पास,
प्रत्येक का चाँद अलग-अनेक!
वैसे मेरे पास भी हो,
अपना स्वयं का चाँद,
                           केवल एक!!

-आरती मानेकर

Written on 28/08/2012😂😂
Childhood diary…..